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EGGS DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS: A Hidden Gold Mine In Nigeria. ☎️ 09069268112 Eggs distribution is a hidden gold mine but unfortunately, only a very few people knows that this business can make you a millionaire in a very short time. The current retail price for a crate of egg is between N900 - N1,100. Now, if you buy from us at farm gate price of N650 per crate and you sell for N1,100 per crate, that is a whooping #450 naira gain on top of each crate, calculate that times 1,000 crates and you will see the profit potential of this business. The first thing to do if you want to invest in egg distribution Business is look for a reliable and trustworthy farm like our farm that is capable of supplying you steadily and without transportation cost. CALL OR WHATSAPP FRED C MIRACLE FARMS ON: ☎️ 09069268112 FARM GATE PRICE LARGE: -------------------- N650 Per Crate MEDIUM: ----------------- N550 Per Crate SMALL: -------------------- N450 Per Crate We make sure you get your products as specified and in time. We guarantee you of "zero risk purchase" experience in our farm. We do our best to ensure every customer is very satisfied by our products. We ensure you get exactly what you order for and also make sure you get your items in time. WE HAVE: Quality Poultry Feeds, Day Old Chics, Broilers, Layers, pullets, Cockerels, Day Old Turkey and poultry farming equipments available for sale at a very competitive price. FARM ADDRESS: Along Atan Road, Ijebu Igbo, Ijebu North
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Save Yourself From The Breakneck Prices Of Imported Fish Feeds And Become More Profitable In Your Fish Farming Business. Call: 08103953855 To make a lot of profit in your Catfish farming business, you need to cut the cost of feeding your fishes and Catfish grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health. I am a local manufacturer of high quality Catfish floating Feed in Nigeria for sale at N3,500 per 15kg bag. My floating pellets are properly prepared with 58 percent crude protein good and well balance fish feed formulation. Available sizes are 0.2mm to 10mm suitable for fingerlings, juveniles, to maturity stage, we supply Nationwide to your farm or doorstep." CALL: 08103953855 WHATSAPP: 08103953855 Stop buying the so-called foreign feeds, they reap you off of your profit, the ingredients required to manufacture a high quality feed are readily available here in Nigeria. My local Catfish feed has a high quality energy source required for growth and maintenance of body tissue resulting in improved weight gains because it is fortified with balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus Stabilized Vitamin C required for better metabolism, skeletal formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes to yield maximum Productivity. ®CUSTOMER CARE CALL: 0810 3953855 ADDRESS: No: 3, Okele Street Ogbogbo Ijebu North/East Local Government Area Ogun State. WITH👉 OUR *FLOATING* AND *SINKING* PELLETS, You Can Cut The Cost Of Feeding By 50%, Get Highly Desirable Results And Increase Your Profit By 50%.. Yes! You Spend Less On Feeding And Make More Money Upon Harvest.
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