REMAINING RELEVANT IN CHANGING TIMES “The world doesn’t remember your past excellence, they are simply interested in your current relevance”— John O. Okotie (Pojomatics) I can only imagine how my beloved Father, Lt. Mr. Jeremiah E. Okotie, felt on the 2nd of June 2004 when he entered a shop in Lagos to buy a pair of "NOKIA 1100". I guess he was so excited as the product he asked for was brought to him. I could feel the joy he felt after paying #23,800 for two ‘powerful’ phones. Few days later, my Dad stormed Warri and journeyed to his residential address at 13 Okandeji Street, Somewhere in Warri-South local government area. My Mum, Mrs. Stella Okotie, and I were so excited to see my dad after months of absence due to his job in Lagos. Just before the smiles that came due to his arrival faded off our faces, Dad gave us a shocking surprise, he brought out two small cartons that I have never seen before and as I tried to look at the carton, I saw the words, NOKIA 1100, and a hand of a man reaching to hold that of a little child. Dad held one of the Cartons and passed the other to his wife and that was the fuel that ignited mum’s happiness. She was so excited like a blind man who received his sight. Why on earth was she be excited? I guess it was worth being excited, to be the first woman to own a phone in the area. A while ago, I displayed the photo of Nokia 1100 on my various social media platforms and most of my friends remembered ‘the good old days’ of Space Impact. Anyways, fourteen years down the line, Nokia 1100 doesn’t interests anybody. I guess if you are offered the phone now, you would be tempted to slap the person giving it to you. Why? Because the phone has lost its relevance. Dear reader, take a critical look at your humble self. Are you a business man or a student? Are you currently at the top of your field or you are ‘just there’. What does the future hold for you? Five years from now, are you going to be relevant in your field or you would be dumped in a bin where ‘good old days memory are kept’? Would you be replace by a more productive and creative individual or will you be replaced by a robot? REMAINING RELEVANT IN CHANGING TIMES IS A DELIBERATE ACT OF A MAN TO DEVELOP HIMSELF TO BE ABLE TO MEET WITH THE NEEDS OF THE EVER CHANGING WORLD. The reason NOKIA 1100 is no longer relevant is simple: It has failed to meet up the demands of the present world. That simply means if you fail to meet up with the demands of the ever changing world, you will be left behind in history. Therefore, as Youths, we must LEARN THE ACTS OF REMAINING RELEVANT IN THE MIDST OF THE CHANGES THE WORLD UNDERGOES.


Kunle Pedro Wow! This is indeed a great piece for all.

Dec 21, 2018 03:07 PM Reply

Freedom The story about his father moved me, but there's also an important lesson at the heart of it

Dec 21, 2018 03:10 PM

Victor Negro NIce one. It's all a matter of being the better version of ourselves.

Dec 21, 2018 08:46 PM Reply