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Transport - Comments

for me I think the 2 primary challenge facing Nigeria transportation is bad roads and insecurity
I don't think the transportation challenges we're facing today is from the government. We have to check the driver taking us to our various destinations to see if he's in good conditions because most of these drivers drink and drive
Some vehicle can be scary some funny, things would have been better when it comes to road and casualty rate could have been reduced if these bad vehicles are regulated and prevented from traversing roads
Bad traffic lights and street light are the major cause for night accident
Fuel scarcity and inflation is a major problem relating to Nigeria transportation.
Drivers face a lot of humiliation from both the police and thugs. These drivers earn so little after extortion from the police and thugs. So the government should put this into consideration
I urge the people in charge to do their jobs and save the life of our citizens
I specifically think the major challenge in Nigeria transportation is the lack of security combined with bad governance
Bad roads in Nigeria is our biggest challenge in Nigeria. I think the government should focus more on giving us good roads
What are the Challenges facing Nigeria transportation? Mr Fred One major challenge is the price of fuel which has remained very high dew to scarcity which is sometimes due to hoarding by dealers Black marketers also increase the price in addition to the normal pump price thus making it expensive. As a result not many can afford it and for the drivers who can afford it they increase the cost of transportation thus making it difficult for the ordinary people to afford it
One of the major challenge Nigeria transportation is facing is Lack of traffic light which also contribute to high accident rate, since there's no organization in vehicular movement. Most drivers out there on the street seem to drive like there houses is on fire no one wants to take turn and if the service of a traffic warden is not employed on time not only does the pedestrian turn victim to this road accident but passengers too So lack of street light and their inadequacy also contribute to accident taking place at night
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