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Model/ fashion model
photographic model




About my business
I am Eghaghe Osadebamwen.i am a graduate of university of Lagos.i am a community health worker,model and a fashion designer.

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39,Adegboyega street,palmgroove.

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Reviews (8)

Hassan Saeed - August 9th 2019

Great pics and profile and you're destined to go far!!

Jayburn jozef - August 7th 2019

You are gifted and beautiful

Ajiga Gabriel - July 24th 2019

Incredible one, keep it up.

Distinguished Sam - July 22nd 2019

You depict the real African Beauty and model, your enthusiasm and versatility will sure earn you the future

Apeh - July 22nd 2019

Your level of professionalism says it all and the world should watch out for this mind blowing talent!!!

Victor Nwafor - July 22nd 2019


ernest - July 21st 2019

when we talk of African beauty,this is a replica of it.

Freedom Eche - May 10th 2019

Osadebamwen is an exceptionally photogenic and beautiful young lady that oozes class as you can see from these photos. I've had the pleasure of hiring her for my site branding campaign and she was an absolute delight to work with!