How to deal with 'FOWPS' by Folorunsho Femi

(FOWPS) Fear of What People Will Say

@Folorunsho Femi December 2018

There are 4 words that have killed more dreams than rejection, failure, or anyone in the world. So you’re probably wondering, “What are those 4 words?”


?We all feel that rejection kills dreams.
?We all feel that failure kills dreams.
?We all feel that people kill dreams. [You can’t kill my dreams!]


However, there are 4 words that we state in our minds. To ourselves. That truly has devastated a bigger number of dreams than those things set up together. Those 4 words are… WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY? What will individuals say? How often have you prevented yourself from accomplishing something since you're terrified of how individuals will respond?


How often out of the dread of another person's supposition or analysis have you prevented yourself from doing what you put stock in? How frequently have somebody's discernment or viewpoint prevented you from living your potential? [Too ordinarily totally… ]


I need to reveal to you a tale about a man and his dad who were strolling with their steed through a market. While they were strolling through, one of the general population in the market saw them, and he said. "You tricks! You're so inept! In the event that you have a pony, is there any valid reason why you wouldn't ride it? They thought, "Gracious, stunning, perhaps that individual's correct."


So when they went on to the following business sector, this time, the young fellow got over the steed and the elderly person strolled close by. In the following business sector, someone else saw them and yelled out, "How inhumane would you be able to be a young fellow? You're giving your old dad a chance to walk while you ride the steed. That is totally impolite!" The young fellow thought, "Goodness amazing, possibly that individual's appropriate." Out of that analysis, he got off the pony and enabled his dad to ride the steed.


They touched base in the following business sector. When they touched base in the following business sector, one of the general population saw them and stated, "Goodness my god! An elderly person, for what reason would you say you are as a rule so rude? You're in effect so sluggish. You're giving your child a chance to walk while you ride the steed." Again, the child and the elderly person thought, "Goodness my god, perhaps this present individual's correct."


Furthermore, when they went to the following business sector, they were both riding the steed together. They thought, "This time, nobody can have any protestations, nobody can have any analysis." shockingly, one of the general population in the market yelled out, "You're both the rudest, sluggish individuals I've at any point seen. You're both putting such a great amount of load on this steed. How would you rest around evening time?"


I cherish that story and that tale since it just shows, regardless of what you do, there will dependably be individuals who discover blame with it. There will dependably be individuals who reprimand, gripe, who endeavor to cut you down and reveal to you that what you're doing isn't right. [Haters going to hate.]


It's insane that we surrender what we most need in life simply dependent on individuals' assessments. Also, the insane thing is, in case we're living for other individuals' feelings, we'll never be correct. There will dependably be somebody with something that they don't concur with. What's more, this is the reason it's important to the point that we work with our own conviction. We deal with what makes a difference to us.


It was Aristotle who let us know, "There are solitary 3 different ways to stay away from analysis.
?Do Nothing.
?State Nothing.
?Be Nothing."


And I'm certain none of us need that of our future. So don't give anybody's feeling a chance to stop you. Try not to give anybody's analysis a chance to keep you down. Continue following your interests. Put resources into what you put stock in. What's more, recall: Don't give individuals' compliments a chance to get to your head, and don't give their analysis a chance.


Folorunsho Oluwafemi,
Digital Marketing Strategist.