How to 'Level Up' by Solomon Evarist


@Solomon Evarist CEO World Guru Technology December 2018

If you wish to be better than the best, you need to level up.
Put in more commitment,
Positive attitude and
Passion to your goals.

If you wish to be a good teacher, you need to level up.

Learn about better teaching techniques.
Learn about students management and admirable strategies used by great teachers before you.

My class room experience with students were perfected by my ability to apply strategies from teachers I admired and also personal development.

If you wish to own a successful business, you need to level up.

Entrepreneurs are students in the school of products and services creation, customer purchasing habits, demand and supply, sales and marketing approach.

Develop the habit of learning and implementing strategies that will improve your business, in and out of season.

If you wish to be a good Web or software developer, you need to level up.

Put in more time in learning how to code.

Learn to build simple and complex software or web applications that solves real life problems.

Get familiar with different programming languages that will aid your development skill.

Keep in touch with the latest trends in the technology space. 

If you wish to be a respected speaker, you need to level up.

Apart from learning how to speak eloquently and communicating effectively, you need to have substance.

You need to have experience no matter how little.

You need to be a resource creator.

You need to be willing to learn at all times.

And you should be passionate about sharing your experience. 

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If you wish to be a great entertainer or artist, you need to level up.

Put in more time to practice.
Take up courses that can improve your talent or skill.

Find more platforms to showcase your talent.

Position yourself around people or places that support your work.

Learn to create recorded performance of your Art, even in the absence of an audience.

Learn to distribute your resource for consumption, whether for free or paid.

Apart from custom strategies that applies to each field of endeavour, there are general considerations that you should note for your growth.

To Level up, one has to pay attention to what I call the elements of progress and growth.

These elements includes:

* Talent Development.

* Education and Skill Acquisition.

* Time Management.

* Leadership and Human Resource Management.

* Relationship Building.

* Branding (Personal and business).

* Use of Technology and social media.

* Financial Literacy.

* Capacity building.

* Interpersonal skill acquisition.

Take these elements one at a time, you will discover that each of them have respective role to play in changing our level at any given time.

Your ability to pick up knowledge from each of these elements will give you new results.

Are you Fired Up to Level Up?

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