How to start investing if you don't have money by Tega Okeredıden



The most requested question I get is?? How to invest if I don't have any money. Well my dear friend, I've an answer for you.

You can start investing with absolutely no money, no matter how scam this post looks like, it's not a scam but what I will be sharing with you today might be the most important thing in your life.

Because it's the best investments you can make if you don't have any money....... So let's ride onIt's not a surprise that our world is getting more connected by the internet day by day. If you look around you people are constantly on their phones 24/7,everything is connected to the internet...

Life is getting so digital that if a giant mall where people will go for shopping is now CLOSING DOWN no one will care, because we shop online, and we build businesses online.

But that is just the beginning, life will become so digital that we will look back and laugh at ourselves that we have been using smartphones instead of smart glasses or lenses, that will let us live in a complete digital world.

This future is not somewhere far but around the corner. With the introduction of 5G where we will be able to download 20GB per second, there will be no point having SMARTPHONES .

Because with smart lenses we'll be living in a completely digital world......... companies such as neuralink are already developing technology to connect AI to our brains where we will not use voice system but our MINDS

It's really difficult to predict this future. 20 years ago who would have thought that our entire life would become so dependent on smart phones?

The entire business system will be ONLINE but do you know who is going to connect businesses with customers??? SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

Of course it's already happening now, because the entire business world will be connected through social media.

If you are so passionate about makeup and skincare products isn't the time you start discussing the varieties of lipstick or cream that is good for the skin?

If you are so passionate about business isn't the time you start educating men and women about money and investing a lifetime experience of business??

If you are a fan of football isn't the time to start talking about football matches because they are millions of people who are interested in what you do?

I can give you endless examples but at the end of the day it's your choice. It's high time you start making your passion turn to profit, be smart, make use of the internet to utilize your income potential!

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