About us

With so many choices of platforms these days it can be overwhelming knowing what's the right one for you in order to generate exposure, engagement and ultimately, sales.

Most often you'll find yourself on a platform that is popular but where your brand is competing with generic and personal content from millions of users all over the world.

What is the point of all your hard work if it just ends up being swept along in a sea of other content and might not get seen.

That's where we come in. Afroentrepreneurs.com is specifically for Pan-African business professionals and customers searching for Pan-African businesses. Our refined search options makes sure that if you're a Lagos, Accra based boutique for example, people looking for Lagos, Accra based boutiques will find you. Simple as that.

Your posts don't have to compete with selfies, twerk videos and people's fluffy pets (as cute as they are) So if you're ready for a platform that's all about helping your business excel then you're at the right place. Sign up and let's smash it out of the ball park!!